Transferring Vodafone credit to Vodafone Cash 💸❤😍
Easily transfer your balance to money in your Vodafone Cash wallet
Transfer the amount directly to your wallet after transferring the balance or within a maximum of an hour
Terms of Service: 🚫
1- The balance must be net value (up as full as the agreement)
2- Regular balance and not sales or international balance *
3- Confirm the source of the balance with pictures (to make sure that the balance has no problems)
4- It is prohibited to transfer the balance purchased from Visa
(If you buy credit from Jumia and other websites via Visa, your balance will not be transferred)
In the event that your balance was through buying and selling transactions, prove that in pictures of the conversation between you and the customer during the payment of you.
5- It is forbidden to transfer the balance to our number before confirming and approving the source
6- It is forbidden to transfer less or more than the agreed upon amount
7- The money is transferred to your wallet immediately afterwards or within an hour, with a maximum limit of your transfer of the balance to us
Minimum transfer amount

A net balance of 100 pounds is transferred to 115 pounds to your Vodafone Cash wallet
Every 100 turns to 115
Minimum amount: 100 EGP net balance (the source must be confirmed) 🚫
Maximum amount: 500 EGP net balance (the source must be confirmed) 🚫
Transfer via WhatsApp only: 01147395865
We do not have another number or page, and the transfer is via WhatsApp only. We are not responsible
Working hours: from Saturday to Thursday 12 pm to 8 pm
Technical support throughout the week from 12 pm to 10 pm
Good luck to everyone